A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Release notes v1.1:
- Pressing F toggles between windowed and full-screen.
- Pressing R resets the game to the title screen.
- Updates to the title screen, sprites, animations and game text.
- Various minor bugs fixed.

To run the macOS version, please follow the instructions found here: https://deep-entertainment.de/macosgame/

To run the Linux version, you can either use Wine or make the game executable with the command "chmod +x Hoofield_AdvXJam_1.0_Linux.x86_64".

CONTENT WARNING: Explicit language.

Powerhoof (powerhoof.itch.io) just released their latest masterpiece, and now Dave wants to celebrate by taking a day off to relax! Alas, life isn't always that simple, especially in Hoofield...

Art and story by Succulent Bacon (Dan Hansen)
Design, story and scripting by SummerB76 (Amy Tant)
Musical contribution by Donovan Jonk
SFX contributions by Tyrano (Joe Newman). Sounds found at freesounds.org
Testing by shdon (Steven Don), Jon Paul Sapsford, VGACat and Graham Hayes.
Apartment art based on model found at sketchfab.com
Credits to cgboost.com for their helpful 3D modeling learning resources

Created using the PowerQuest engine, courtesy of the wonderful folks over at Powerhoof.
Any resemblance to actual events or people is purely coincidental.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAmy Tant (SummerB76)
Tags2D, Comedy, Funny, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity


Hoofield_1.1_Win.zip 23 MB
Hoofield_AdvXJam_1.0_Win.zip 23 MB
Hoofield_1.1_macOS.app.zip 32 MB
Hoofield_AdvXJam_1.0_MacOS.app.zip 32 MB
Hoofield_1.1_Linux.zip 37 MB
Hoofield_AdvXJam_1.0_Linux.zip 37 MB

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Hey Amy! As you know, we had a lot of fun playing Hoofield on stream, thank you for this! 🥰 I wrote short descriptions of all the submissions for our blog, let me add this here:

Hoofield is a wonderful love letter to Powerhoof, a studio that is best known for its dungeon crawler Crawl and the 2D adventure toolkit PowerQuest, as well as the famous TV series Seinfeld.

This is such a satisfying game that we actually managed to complete in the short time we had. It throws you right into the Sitcom-feeling and leaves you with a lot of sympathy for its limited cast of characters – like PowerHoof's Dave, who really just wants to relax for a minute after releasing their latest masterpiece. But will his neighbors let him?

Thank you for the wonderful summary of your experience with the game, it's greatly appreciated! SucculentBacon and I really enjoyed watching you play the game on stream. :)


This brought back a lot of Senfeld memories. And for people who know Powerhoof games, it's a treat. Really sweet work in the jam. :) 


Thank you, I enjoyed your video too!


I just love how it feels...like jazz? It brings that vibe from early LucasArts games where the dialogue wasn't polished as much, felt way more natural and humorous. I would have loved more descriptions for the various objects as the ones that are there are pretty funny - a larger world might have alleviated this perception but for a game jam, it's definitely memorable!

Thank you very much for the very kind words, Simon! Never thought our silly little game could ever get compared to early LucasArts! Sadly we ran out of time to add more descriptions, and there was some placeholder stuff that I'd like to polish a bit more, but I do agree that part of the charm is its roughness. :)


I like it to be about game developers :D Cool game

Thank you!


Had a lot of fun with this. Reminiscent of some of my favourite puzzles in Monkey Island. One of the few times a game's dialogue has been funny enough to make me literally laugh out loud (which led to some concerned looks from my parents who I was visiting).


Thank you, Steven! Your games have always entertained me in the past as well. :)